Massachusetts set for positive changes in employment laws

Two crucial pieces of proposed legislation will be decided by July 31st.  The proposals include a hike in the minimum wage to $11.00 and a ban on noncompete agreements. Both proposals are great news for employees.

If the legislation for the new minimum wage passes, then by January 1, 2017 the minimum wage in Massachusetts will be $11.00. Currently, the minimum wage is $8.00 and it would rise in increments until it reaches $11.00 in 2017. This will be the highest minimum wage of any state.

Some employers argue that noncompete agreements are necessary to protect trade secrets and intellectual property.  Yet, they also drain our state of some of its brightest talent, requiring those workers to move to states that restrict noncompetition agreements and benefitting companies in those states at the expense of our own.  New legislation, proposed as part of an economic stimulus package and supported by Governor Patrick, would ban noncompetes and restore our state’s base.

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