Labor & Employment

The power rests with you.

When problems arise in the workplace, employees frequently find themselves in a David and Goliath situation. One employee fighting against a huge corporation with seemingly infinite resources can seem very intimidating. It can feel like a long and arduous uphill battle. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

At Gordon Law Group, LLP, we believe that every employee has the power to be treated fairly. And we put that power to work for you. We have a reputation for excellence in employee advocacy, delivering successful and swift results on behalf of our clients.

How we do it.

We bring valuable experience from both sides of the table. We’ve worked with big companies, so we’re familiar with the strategies employers use in workplace disputes. So when it’s time to confront your employer, we make sure that you’re armed with the most successful strategies available. Gordon Law Group has been successful in achieving fair results for our clients because of our unique expertise, unmatched knowledge and invaluable experience. Our attorneys work hard for the employee.

Areas of Practice

Gordon Law Group can offer unparalleled experience to employees who have suffered for any number of reasons. From minimum wage to severance packages, and from commission disputes to wrongful termination, our attorneys are at hand to aide you, the employee.

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