Slate Magazine interviews Philip Gordon for guidance on Title IX and sexual assault

Philip Gordon was recently featured in Slate magazine’s “Dear Prudence” column. An assistant professor who learned of sexual misconduct and possible prostitution between one of his students and two tenured professors asked Dear Prudence for the best course of action. In Gordon’s discussion with Emily Yoffe (the Dear Prudence author), he noted that the assistant professor should focus on the student first and find out her needs.  She might need significant support:  emotional, physical, legal and academic.

He also recommended that the assistant professor speak with an attorney well versed in Title IX. Employment lawyers have the advantage of being in a position to provide confidential advice, without the competing motives of a school administrator who may be more concerned with maintaining the school’s reputation.

You can read the full Slate article here. Philip is an experienced lawyer in Title IX matters and is currently representing Dr. Kimberly Theidon, in a Title IX case against Harvard University. To learn more about Title IX click here or contact us today.