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From leading litigation on behalf of Wal-Mart employees in a record setting $40,000,000 class action to representing some of the nation’s most successful executives in complex gender discrimination cases, Gordon Law Group’s attorneys are widely considered among the best employment lawyers.

All too often, employees at all levels find themselves victims of unfair discrimination (whether based on race, gender, country of national origin, disability, religion or sexual orientation), retaliation for being a whistleblower, wrongful termination, compensation disputes, sexual harassment and other violations of federal and state employment laws. Other times, employees need representation to negotiate an employment agreement, a noncompete clause, a severance agreement or an equity grant.

With decades of employment law experience handling some of the toughest trials – and with some of the most significant jury verdicts to our credit – Gordon Law Group’s employment lawyers understand the underlying legal issues and have the knowledge, skills and experience needed to guide our clients to successful outcomes without sacrificing results.

How We Can Help

We understand how important your job is to you and your family. We handle a wide range of employment law matters. Whether you are a current employee, a former employee or an independent contractor, we can help.

Wage and Hour, Overtime, Commissions and Bonuses

From ground breaking overtime litigation to large class actions against Wal-Mart and other large employers, our wage and hour litigation lawyers are among the best employment attorneys in Boston and beyond. Whether you’re facing unpaid overtime and minimum wages, commissions and bonuses, prevailing wages or regular wages, tips and gratuities, or even vacation pay and sick leave, we can help. Wage and hour violations are among the most common failures employers make, and good counsel is essential. The law is often complex, and employers are savvy. Many employers promise one thing and deliver another. Paychecks can be confusing and employees are often too scared to act. This is where our experience matters. Gordon Law Group has been among the pioneers in class action litigation, and our Boston employment lawyers are often recognized for their work across a wide variety of industries including retail, technology, trucking, sales, call centers, hospitals, cable installers, power plant services, limousine, restaurants and construction. If you’re not receiving proper payment for your work, give us a call.

Employment Discrimination

Workplace discrimination takes many forms. Most often it means an employer has made employment decisions or taken actions based in large part on an employee’s age, race, national origin, heritage, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, gender, pregnancy, religion or any other discriminatory factor.

Discrimination is devastating – seriously impacting employees and their families – often resulting in hostile work environments, lost pay, missed promotions and wrongful termination. Employees who complain internally face harassment, performance improvement plans, violent workplaces and wrongful termination, and co-workers who speak up often face retaliation, too. Our attorneys work closely with clients who face discrimination in the workplace to help them navigate these issues – sometimes clearing up the problems so they can remain, and other times working to help employees transition and win settlements.

Wrongful Termination

For those who suffer wrongful termination as a result of discrimination, we work hard to get strong results and make sure our clients get the best representation. Our Boston employment lawyers have worked on and won some of the most important and groundbreaking discrimination cases, including the historic class action discrimination case on behalf of hundreds of minorities applying for jobs in the City of Brockton.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is an even more insidious abuse. Women who suffer sexual harassment often feel they have no place to turn, because a boss has been clear that either they put up with the harassment or lose their job. Our attorney have decades of experience working with victims of sexual harassment, often forcing companies to fire the harasser or pay out our client.

More recently, as information about pay has become available and women realize they’re being paid much less than their male colleagues, we’ve handled a lot of equal pay act violations. Employers certainly may assign different pay rates to different employees, but when those pay differences are disproportionate – affecting women more than men – our firm can help.

Whistleblowers and Retaliation

There are two types of whistleblower cases. The first is quite common. These cases protect employees who exercise their rights at work, such as making a claim for unpaid wages, opposing race discrimination, taking family and medical leave, requesting an accommodation, opposing sexual harassment, engaging in union organizing, taking medical leave or filing a worker’s compensation claim. The second occurs because an employee is a whistleblower who files reports about a safety, health, or other violation or illegal activity. Those reports can be internal complaints to the boss or external complaints to state or federal agencies. Sometime this second category of complaints results in qui tam filings, where an employee can file suit to recover money paid under public contracts or for lies made to the state or federal government.

We work closely with whistleblowers to develop and implement strategies to file reports and protect their jobs, or to sue employers who retaliate or threaten to retaliate against whistleblowers.

Employment Contracts, Non-Competition Clauses and Severance Agreements

Starting a new job or leaving one, almost always requires a contract. While many view employment contracts as non-negotiable, we see them as opportunities. Negotiating an employment contract, noncompetition agreement, stock option grant or severance agreement should be done with the employee in mind, not just the employer. That’s where we come in. We’re employment attorneys who have dedicated our practice to employment law and getting the best results for our clients.

Among the few, we hold employers accountable – standing up for the rights of our clients. Our labor lawyers represent individuals at all levels, from service workers to CEOs, often helping reduce the chances that others will have to endure the same mistreatment in the future, too.

Managed by Philip Gordon, an employment attorney recognized as among the best employment lawyers in Boston and nationwide, Gordon Law Group’s talented team of attorneys concentrate on you, the employee.

With a commitment to advocating for employees who have been wronged, we understand no two employment matters are the same. In some situations, our Boston employment attorneys are able to protect employees’ rights and interests through mediation, contract negotiations or arbitration. In other circumstances, our skilled litigators seek justice by arguing clients’ cases in court.

Experienced. Focused on you. Without the conflicts. Learn more about what Gordon Law Group can do for you. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation.

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