The Leaders in Employee Advocacy Law

The Leaders in Employee Advocacy Law

Dedicated to employee litigation and advocacy, representing employees at all
stages of their careers, from service workers to CEOs.

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The Employment Lawyers

From leading litigation on behalf of Wal-Mart employees in a record setting $40,000,000 class action to representing some of the nation’s most successful executives in complex gender discrimination cases, Gordon Law Group’s attorneys are widely considered among the best employment lawyers.

All too often, employees at all levels find themselves victims of unfair discrimination (whether based on race, gender, country of national origin, disability, religion or sexual orientation), retaliation for being a whistleblower, wrongful termination, compensation disputes, and other violations of federal and state employment laws. Other times, employees need representation to negotiate an employment agreement, a noncompete clause, a severance agreement or an equity grant.

With decades of employment law experience and attorneys dedicated to employment issues, Gordon Law Group’s employment lawyers understand the underlying legal issues and have the knowledge, skills and experience needed to advocate on your behalf.

How We Can Help

Our employment law group handles a wide range of employment law matters. Whether you are a current or former employee or independent contractor, some of the many issues your Gordon Law Group Boston employment lawyer can help resolve include the following:

  • Employment discrimination matters, including employment decisions or actions based on an employee’s or candidate’s age, race, national origin, heritage, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, gender, pregnancy, religion or any other discriminatory factor
  • Compensation issues including commission disputes, minimum wage or overtime violations, wrongful deductions, vacation pay or timing of payment matters, equity compensation, and more
  • Whistleblower cases, which typically involve wrongful termination in retaliation for reporting or threatening to report unlawful conditions
  • Contracts, including severance agreements, non-compete agreements, stock option grants, employment contracts and more

We believe it is important to hold employers responsible for their actions. We seek this outcome by standing up for the rights of our clients, often helping reduce the chances that others will have to endure the same mistreatment in the future, too. Our labor lawyers for employees represent individuals at all levels, from service workers to CEOs. We also handle class action litigation for wronged employees.

Managed by Philip Gordon, an employment attorney recognized as among the best employment lawyers in Boston and nationwide, Gordon Law Group’s talented team of attorneys concentrate on you, the employee.

With a commitment to advocating for employees who have been wronged, we understand no two employment matters are the same. In some situations, our employment lawyers are able to protect employees’ rights and interests through mediation, contract negotiations or arbitration. In other circumstances, our skilled litigators seek justice by arguing clients’ cases in court.

Experienced. Focused on you. Without the conflicts. Learn more about what Gordon Law Group can do for you. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation with a Boston employment lawyer.