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When problems arise in the workplace, employees frequently find themselves in a David and Goliath situation. One employee fighting against a huge corporation with seemingly infinite resources can seem very intimidating. It can feel like a long and arduous uphill battle. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

At Gordon Law Group, LLP, we believe that every employee has the power to be treated fairly. And we put that power to work for you. We have a reputation for excellence in employee advocacy, delivering successful and swift results on behalf of our clients.

How We Do It

We bring valuable experience from both sides of the table. We’ve worked with big companies and in some of our nation’s largest law firms, so we’re familiar with the strategies employers use in workplace disputes. When it’s time to confront your employer, we offer employment law help to make sure that you’re armed with the most successful strategies available. Gordon Law Group has been successful in achieving fair results for our clients because of our unique expertise, unmatched knowledge and invaluable experience – and we are regularly recognized among the best employment law firms in the nation.

Areas of Practice

Gordon Law Group can offer unparalleled experience to employees who have suffered for any number of reasons. From minimum wage to severance packages, and from commission disputes to wrongful termination, our attorneys are at hand to aid you, the employee.

Employment law services we provide include:

  • Commission Disputes: Commissions are wages, covered under the Massachusetts Wage Act, but sometimes businesses classify them incorrectly as bonuses.
  • Discrimination: Federal and state laws prohibit employers from discriminating against workers when making employment decisions.
  • Independent Contractors: Employers sometimes misclassify workers as independent contractors when they are employees, entitled to more rights.
  • Minimum Wage: Massachusetts employers that fail to pay employees at least minimum wage are liable under the Wage Act, with workers entitled to treble damages and attorney fees.
  • Overtime: Employers may improperly classify workers as “exempt” or require workers to work “off the clock” to avoid paying overtime.
  • Pregnancy Discrimination: Discrimination based on pregnancy essentially involves treating an employee or candidate differently because of the worker’s potential, current or past pregnancy, or based on recent childbirth.
  • Record Keeping Requirements: Employers must make certain information available to workers upon request in a timely manner, including paychecks, pay history, and pay slips or stubs.
  • Religious Discrimination: Religious harassment at work can occur in the hiring process, in promotion or work assignment decisions, in matters involving compensation, or in employment termination situation.
  • Severance Agreements: When offered a severance package, it is important to fully understand the terms and conditions of the severance agreement before signing.
  • Timing of Payments: In most situations, employers are legally required to pay employees all wages earned within six days from the end of the pay period.
  • Title IX: Under Title IX, college students, administrators, and teachers who make or support complaints about sexual harassment or violence on campus must be free from retaliation.
  • Vacation Pay: When an employer provides paid vacation days, those are wages in Massachusetts. Terminated employees are entitled to all earned vacation pay.
  • Wrongful Deductions: Massachusetts law places strict limitations and conditions on the items employers may legally deduct from workers’ pay.
  • Wrongful Termination: Employers may not terminate employees for improper reasons, including retaliation for being a whistle blower, collective bargaining activities and more.

Click on one of our subsections to find out more about that area. If you believe that you may have a claim, please do not hesitate to contact us today to schedule a consultation with an experienced labor law attorneys.

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