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Title IX requires colleges and universities who receive federal money to stop sexual harassment or violence on their campuses. Under this law, colleges and universities must have policies and procedures in place for students to make complaints and for the institution to address those complaints. As a Title IX lawyer in Boston, Gordon Law Group, LLP helps protect victims’ rights.

Understanding Title IX Protections

Title IX protects students as well as employees (teachers, coaches, administrators) from discrimination, violence, or sexual harassment. While Title IX is most associated with colleges and universities, it also extends to students and employees at the K-12 level.

If you were the victim of a Title IX violation, you have the right to file a report. The law also gives you the right to present your case with evidence. A sexual harassment attorney can help you investigate and establish your complaint.

The school must thoroughly investigate the complaint and then communicate the outcome to the person who filed the issue. Students, administrators, teachers, and coaches MUST all be free from retaliation for making or supporting those complaints.

Gordon Law Group, LLP is a Title IX Law Firm With a Record of Success

Philip Gordon of the Gordon Law Group and Elizabeth Rodgers of Rodgers, Powers & Schwartz are among the leading attorneys representing individuals who have suffered retaliation for making complaints or insisting that their university comply with Title IX’s requirements. Although Gordon Law Group, LLP is based in Boston, the firm represents clients nationwide who find themselves in this situation.

Most recently, they represented Dr. Kimberly Theidon in her 2014 complaint against Harvard University for, among other things, denying her tenure in retaliation for supporting students complaining of Harvard’s failures to support victims of sexual assaults and gender violence on campus. [LINK]

If you are suffering from sexual violence, harassment, or retaliation on campus, Title IX may protect you. Gordon Law Group, LLP is an experienced sexual harassment law firm. In fact, our attorneys have decades of expertise and are committed to advocating for and protecting employees’ and students’ rights in a wide range of legal matters.

For more information on Title IX and how we might help you, contact us.

This information is not a do-it-yourself guide to resolving employment disputes or handling employment litigation. While some may find this useful for understanding the basic issues and their legal context, it is NOT a substitute for experienced legal counsel and does not provide legal advice. Please contact the team at Gordon Law Group to discuss your specific case.

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