Gender Discrimination

It is against federal and state laws for employers to treat workers or candidates for employment differently based on their gender. Unfortunately, instances of workplace sex discrimination or gender discrimination occur all too frequently.

The attorneys at Gordon Law Group, LLP, who are based in Boston, represent victims of gender discrimination in the workplace across the country. Frequently cited among the best employment lawyers in the nation, Gordon Law Group, LLP’s attorneys provide skilled, compassionate representation to gender discrimination victims at all career levels, across industry lines.

Recognizing Sex and Gender Discrimination in the Workplace

Sex and gender discrimination can take many forms, and it is not always easy to recognize. Workplace sex discrimination can occur when employment decisions such as hiring, promotions, compensation, benefits, working conditions or work assignments favor someone of a certain gender or disadvantage someone based on gender. A bias against pregnant women or against women who may become pregnant, or unfair dress code policies based on gender are other all-too-common examples of this type of discrimination. Sex discrimination can also involve harassment or an employer’s actions or comments related to an employee’s gender.

Employers sometimes illegally make decisions about a worker’s competence in their field based on gender stereotypes. For example, women working in the trades or STEM fields or men working in teaching, nursing, or other “caregiver” fields may face gender discrimination as they seek employment and advance in their careers.

Paying employees differently because of their gender is also against the law. Because compensation is not something many employees are comfortable discussing with their co-workers, unequal pay practices may be difficult to recognize.

Depending on what type of discriminatory actions occurred, an employer might be in violation of one or several federal and state laws that prohibit discrimination against pregnant employees, unfair compensation practices or unequal treatment because of a worker’s gender. Finally, it is worth noting that employers may not legally retaliate against employees who were the subject of discrimination based on their sex or gender.

Gender discrimination laws protect men and women, although most violations involve discrimination against women. In isolated situations, employers with legitimate reasons for hiring someone of a specific gender may be operating within the law, but such situations are rare.

Choose a Reputable Gender Discrimination Attorney

If you feel you were, or are currently, being discriminated against in the workplace on the basis of your gender, keep a detailed record of the offenses, including dates, persons involved, and what was said or done. Try to work internally with management or your organization’s human resources department to resolve the issues. If the issue cannot be solved internally, or if management is unwilling to address the problem, talking to an experienced gender discrimination lawyer can help you understand your rights and options.

The legal team at Gordon Law Group, LLP is committed to advocating for victims of workplace sex discrimination, fighting for victims’ rights and holding employers accountable. With decades of experience and a track record of swift and successful outcomes, including record-setting class-action lawsuit settlements and jury awards in complex gender discrimination litigation, it is not hard to understand why we are the gender discrimination lawyers Boston workers trust to represent them.

If you believe you have been the victim of workplace gender discrimination and have attempted to resolve the issue with company management or HR without success, a skilled sex discrimination lawyer may be able to help. To learn more, we invite you to explore our FAQ library and to contact Gordon Law Group, LLP to schedule a consultation.

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