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“I lost my job for no reason, but someone with a different ethnicity and less experience was kept on. What are my rights?”

Employers are generally allowed to pay, promote, hire and fire employees as they wish. That is the nature of employment at will laws. However, if any of these decisions are based on age, race, national origin, heritage, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, gender, pregnancy, religion or any other discriminatory factor, the employer may be violating the employee’s rights under state and federal law.

That’s where a knowledgeable ADA lawyer comes in. Gordon Law Group provides skilled and experienced representation for those who have been discriminated against. Our group of talented attorneys would be happy to assist you – all the way from preliminary questions to court.

Employees are protected under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as well as state laws. If you are actively discriminated against, you have grounds to sue your employer. A Gordon Law Group, LLP employment discrimination lawyer can help.

There are often a variety of indicators that would suggest you are a victim of discrimination. These may include sudden and intense scrutiny about your country of origin, race or religion. Employees with disabilities or those who are pregnant also sometimes find themselves treated unfairly in the workplace, by employers who refuse to make reasonable accommodations for them.

Discrimination may also be based on age, which can manifest in the retention or promotion of younger, inexperienced coworkers over older workers, or even large-scale layoffs of workers over age 40. Discriminatory actions can also occur when an employee is a whistleblower or otherwise files a complaint and the employer tries to punish the whistleblower or victim; refuses to thoroughly investigate the complaint; or simply shows a lack of interest in it.

Employers sometimes try to mask discriminatory behavior by pretending layoffs or terminations are small, one-or-two person “reductions in force.” Manipulation of the promotion or hiring process is another way employees may find themselves victims of discrimination. Your discrimination attorney will work closely with you to understand what has occurred and to fight for your rights in the event your employer violated federal and/or state laws.

If you feel your employer has discriminated against you, contact us today to speak to a workplace discrimination attorney. With offices in Boston, and clients across the country, Gordon Law Group’s attorneys are often recognized among the best employment lawyers in the nation.

This information is not a do-it-yourself guide to resolving employment disputes or handling employment litigation. While some may find this useful for understanding the basic issues and their legal context, it is NOT a substitute for experienced legal counsel and does not provide legal advice. Please contact a workplace discrimination lawyer at Gordon Law Group to discuss your specific case.

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