Race Discrimination Lawyer In Boston

Discrimination based on race, whether it was intentional or even unintentional in some cases, is against the law. The reputable Boston-based attorneys at Gordon Law Group, LLP represent individuals across the country at all stages of their careers who find themselves victims of racial discrimination in the workplace.

Our attorneys understand the nuances of racial discrimination cases and are proud of the firm’s established reputation among race discrimination lawyers in Boston. In fact, our attorneys are frequently cited as being some of the top employment lawyers in the United States.

Understanding and Recognizing Workplace Race Discrimination

Although it is illegal, racial discrimination in hiring and in other employment decisions still occurs in workplaces of all sizes and across industry lines.

Examples of workplace discrimination based on race include the following:

• An employer creating a hostile work environment for one or more minority employees
• Not considering or hiring minority candidates
• Passing over minority candidates for promotions or better working conditions or assignments
• Paying minorities lower compensation than similarly qualified non-minorities
• Terminating employment or otherwise making racially based layoff decisions
• And more

Of course, not all negative employment decisions or actions are based on an employee’s or candidate’s race, but discriminatory intentions are all-too-often present. Illegal race discrimination workplace violations can also sometimes occur when an employer unintentionally engages in employment actions that disproportionately affect minority employees or candidates.

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits employment discrimination based on someone’s race or national origin, among other reasons. State laws enacted across the country also prohibit racial discrimination. This type of discrimination case is often brought by individual victims, but can also be decided by class action lawsuit.

Our Racial Discrimination Attorneys Fight to Hold Employers Accountable

The knowledgeable attorneys at Gordon Law Group, LLP have decades of experience representing victims of workplace race discrimination. We are committed to advocating for victims’ rights and holding employers accountable for their actions.

Whether you are currently experiencing racial discrimination by your employer, were a victim in a previous role, or believe a prospective employer did not consider your candidacy based on your race or ethnicity, having a skilled legal professional in your corner can make a difference.

If you have been racially discriminated against at work, contact Gordon Law Group, LLP today to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced discrimination attorneys.