“Fish rots from the head down”

“Fish rots from the head down”

Philip Gordon was interviewed by the Brockton Enterprise concerning a new report released by the City of Brockton attempting to second guess the landmark $4M jury verdict awarded to Gordon Law Group’s client, Russell Lopes, for outrageous acts of discrimination and retaliation. Since that verdict, the City commissioned a law firm to write a report suggesting that evidence from witnesses not called by the City would have resulted in a better result for the City, fully exonerating it from the retaliation claim. Gordon disagreed.

“I think it would have led to corruption at the mayor’s office and [the verdict] would have been worse.” Gordon stated.

“I would have given a different closing argument: The fish rots from the head down,” Gordon said. “That’s what I would have started my closing argument with.”

View the article from the Brockton Enterprise here.

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